The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Eye Lash Extensions


Are you considering eyelash extensions? Have you seen someone with an amazing new style and you’re kinda jealous?! Well, we’ve got you covered with our ultimate guide to lash extensions. We’re always looking at new ways to offer our customers the latest trends. Running an eyelash clinic in Bath isn’t easy!

What are eyelash extensions?

Well first of all don’t get confused with false eyelashes that you buy from Boots and stick on at home. Real eyelash extensions are actually applied using a semi-permanent adhesive that sticks to each individual lash. Normally they’re only applied to the top lash, not the bottom line.

They can be applied individually or in clusters. You can get a full set or a partial set. A partial set is when the extensions are only attached from the middle of your lash to the outside line, not the entire length. Our customers like to test a variety of options and we love it!

What lash material should I use?

Eyelash clinics up and down the country carry a big variety of materials but the most popular is mink, faux mink & synthetic. There’s a number of reasons why you would choose each option, our lash experts will discuss this with you.

Here are some things to consider when choosing your eyelash extensions:

  • The shape of your eyes

  • How big are your eyes

  • How are your eyes set

  • Your eye color

  • What qualities do your natural lashes have

  • Your personal preferences - (natural, glamorous or dramatic)

  • Do you have any allergies?

What’s the main difference between lash extensions?

The only difference is the lash is derived from either a man-made material or an animal fur! Yes, you can wear an animal on your face!

What length or curl is right for me?

Eyelash extensions come in big range of lengths as you can probably imagine. Most beauty salons carry 9mm to 15mm. The length really depends on the natural thickness of your own lashes, you beauty technician will discuss this with you. If you’ve got a lovely, long natural lashes you can wear a much longer extensions. If you’ve got a shorter lash you will probably want to go for something a bit shorter, otherwise you might look scary! Unless you’re looking for a scary, dramatic look of course!

J or C curl?

A ‘J’ curl is the most common however, if you love a very dramatic look the ‘C’ curl is for you.

A Word on Salons

Best beauty salon in bath?

Once you’ve decided that eyelash extensions are for you, you need to make sure you choose the right salon that will deliver the goods. There’s nothing worse than having your lashes messed up by an amateur, it can easily ruin your day! We’ve been in business for over 10 years, rest assured you’ll be in good hands. Click here to check our opening hours.